Project – iPhone Door Bell

This is an app I made to integrate into another program that I also made. It uses Firebase to control a Raspberry Pie, such that you could ring a door bell from anywhere on the planet.

Here is a little of what the app looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 1.18.43 AM.png
Here is the story board
Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 1.17.48 AM
Here is the login screen


You can find the repo for the iOS door bell here, the Android door bell here, and the program that runs on the Raspberry pie here.

Project – Bit Coin Tracker App

Here are the links to the progress of this app:

Motivation: This is one of the first iOS apps I have ever made. And I just wanted to make something that was super useful and easy to use. Plus I am starting to learn more about crypto currencies in general.

Notes:  This projected used an external Free API to get the data. Used the following open source libraries: SwiftyJSON, Alamofire, and SVProgressHUD. After making this simple app, I can honestly say that iOS development is a lot easier then Android development 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 8.22.03 AM
What it was before
What is now

Project – Note Taking App

Motivation: I noticed that there was no ride-sharing web app available in Markham, so I decided to make one. However in the process of making one, I found that there was not simple and easy way to organize notes. Yeah there is “Ever Note” or Microsoft’s “Note” but those apps have become bloated with a number of unnecessary features. So thats why I tried to make one myself 😎

Lessons Learned: I realized that the express framework really does offer a lot of flexibility in how one structures their apps. However it can lead to situations where you can get over whelmed by the size of your code base. For example you want to separate your code into different folders, like controllers, models, and routes. If you don’t do this early, your code could turn into a sprawling mess.

GitHub Repo:

Notes: This side project used server side rendering, Express, Passport, Node, Heroku.

Link to it running:

Override, Virtual, and Super in C++

When you inherit from a class you have full access to it’s variables and methods. However what do you do when you would like to use one its methods, and then add to it ? Well you would try to override the method with your definition. This can be accomplished using the “Virtual” keyword on the function you want to override on the parent class. And then using the “Override” keyword on the function in the child class. After which you would then use the “Super” keyword to call the implementation of method found in the parent class.

A real world application of this is, when you want to override and add to the “BeginPlay” method.


Here we see that the TankPlayerController inherits from the APlayerController that inherits from the Actor class. The Actor class holds the initial implementation of the “BeginPlay” method.


Video Games that I could make


  • Just like doom, not a whole lot of story

3D – Games

Loner – Doom Clone – PC

  • Put in some enemy AI
  • Bring in the same sort of level design as the original Doom
  • Different ALIENS
  • GOAL – Kill – Score High – Reach the end

The Mines – FPS_HORROR – PC

  • Basically, Resident Evil
  • Enemy AI
  • Level design of another game
  • GOAL – Make it to the other side of map

Space Station Down – TopDownShooter-Mobile/PC

  • Really nice top down game play like alien spawn
  • DOOM Levels
  • A ton of enemies
  • Robots
  • GOAL – Get out of the maze

Cube Wars – Twin Stick Shooter

  • Super retro Look – pretty particles everywhere
  • Controller support
  • Basically like Nex-machinma
  • Basic geometry for the enemies ( cubes, pyramids, spheres)

Platforms – Platformer – Mobile

  • 3D
  • Interesting gameplay mechanics
  • Weird Voxel Art
  • GOAL – Don’t die and get to the other side of the map

Retro Bricks – Brick Breaker – Mobile

  • 3D
  • Awesome visual effects
  • A lot of weird and interesting abilities
  • GOAL – Clear each level

 2D – Games

Brick Breaker – Mobile

  • Same thing as Retro Bricks but 2D
  • GOAL is to prototype gameplay

Life of Pete – Mobile

  • Your basic game of like mega man
  • Pixel art
  • Boss battles

How I lost 100 USD

After my trial run with Unreal 4, which you can read more about that here. I decided to double down on Unity as my game engine of choice. And in doing so I decided to spend. Not just spend a little, but a lot. In doing so I searched the internet trying to find all the essential assets that one needed / could hope to want. One of those assets was one called “Pro Builder Advanced”, it allowed you to model and map textures onto your levels right there in unity it’s self. It was easy to use, saved you time, and got the job done.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and much to my amazement Unity made the asset free. Which meant that the developer of Pro Builder Advanced stopped supporting it.

In one fell swoop I had lost the 100 USD that I had spent. What I don’t understand is how Unity never gave anyone any warnings. Like announce they where in the process of buying the developer. I would have even been happy with them giving anyone who had pursued the asset, in the lead up to the announcement a 10% coupon. 🤦‍♀️

I don’t get it Unity … this is not how you bring about any brand loyalty.

And yes I should have done more research before buying the asset. Or maybe even not have bought the asset at all, cause I never used it 😕