Creating Gradient Views in iOS

The really great things about the iOS development platform is the amount of customizability there is. There are a lot of different ways to customize the different UI components through code. It gives your code the power to directly effect the look of the UI, which is great. Since as a programmer you don’t really want to spend most of your time in Photoshop to make a button look really pretty 😬

Below you will find a great way of giving your views beautiful gradients.

The following code above results in:


You can also adjust how the gradients line up as well. In the case above its across the diagonal, since we set “startPoint” and “endpoint” to (0,0) and (1,1). The top left hand corner is (0,0) and the bottom right hand corner is (1,1). Now if we set the “startPoint” to (0,0.5) and the “endPoint” to (1,0.5), we get the following effect:


Cooool right ? 😎

Intro to Python ? – Part 1


You may have seen the title and been a bit surprised. In a previous post here, I said I don’t like Python. So you might be asking why I am even writing this. It’s cause I decided to give Python another shoot to wow me. Therefor I am going to start going into the cycle of learning a bit about it and then writing about it, and so on.

What is it ?

Its just a general purpose programming language.

What type of programming language is it really ?

It is a interpreted , dynamically typed, and strongly typed.

What can it do ?

Just like Java, C#, or C, it can do anything. That includes everything from Machine Learning to Desktop App Development.

What are it’s main selling points ?

  • Readable syntax to the point where, you can mistake it for pseudo code
  • Hugh and active community that supports it
  • Large selection of libraries
  • Large enterprises use it and actively contribute to it, such as Google, Reddit, The New York Times, and etc.

What are the draw backs ?

  • Its interpreted so it won’t be as fast as a compiled language
  • Far from the metal aka a thick layer of abstraction
  • No static typing
  • Object Oriented paradigm isn’t flushed out, for example there are no accesses modifiers on class variables (instance variables)
  • There are two different versions of language 2.7 and 3.x
    • Some libraries choose not to move to 3.x


iOS Development Part 2 – Making simple apps

Making iOS apps is easy and fun. Here are my thoughts:

Swift is a better version of python 🙂

Delegates and protocols are new and interesting ways of accessing the different features of the iOS platform.

Coco Pods are a simple and easy way of adding dependencies to Xcode projects.

Ruby looks like a fun language to learn.

CoreML is easy to use, like the power is insane !!! My apps can see hotdogs !!!

ARkit doesn’t feel real 🤨 . It makes everything a little too easy. I wonder what sort of wizardry they used when making it 🤔


Coin Tracker – Part 1

I wanted to learn about iPhone development cause I had just gotten my first iPhone and Mac. I went out and looked for the best course I could find, and eventually landed on the following course. It was made by the lovely Angela Yu and her endearing British accent.

The course had us making a number of mini projects that taught the basics of iOS development. One of those projects was the bitcointicker. As the name implies it allowed you to look at the price of Bitcoin in a different currency.

While I was nearing the end of the course I decided that I was going to take that mini projects a few steps further, by adding new features such as:

  • Account system
  • Settings
    • Enable Notifications
    • Enable a Dark theme
  • Better UI
  • 3 different Crypto Currencies
  • Notifications

Here is the implemented UI story board:


Can wait to start implementing all the new features.

See you tomorrow 😴

The Age of Passion

People these days talk about the future like its some force of nature, out of our control. Like its something that we humans have no effect on.

At the same time people also define our young generation as the “Me” generation. A generation that is overly narcissistic and has little or no empathy for those around us.

With that being said all the greatest advances that the human race has ever made, have come from individuals, not teams, not groups, not societies, but from individuals with passion.

If you compare the life of the middle class person today, to that of one in the 1950s its a day and night difference. The role models we looked up to are different, the world has a whole has changed as well. We as a society were risk adverse in the past, but now it seems like the only way we can make somethings of our selves is by taking risks.

In today’s modern world we have people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Elon Musk. Who risked their future and gave up a good chuck of their youth for what they believed in. These people were not driven by the quest for money, just their passions. We now live in a world were passion is rewarded. Where people know, if they do what they do for the right reasons, they will be rewarded.

We can do things because we want to, and still be just as if not more than successful as those of us who follow a more traditional path in life.

This isn’t the age of space travel, electric cars, and artificial intelligence, but the age where the passionate few, can change the world.

A promise to no one in particular

Blogs feel like a new age thing; why you may ask ? Well blogs have become the new version of a diary, except its public as public can get.

Why did I start this blog ? Well it was for a number of reasons, but many cause I needed an “online presence” as highlighted in the very first blog post I ever wrote. However now that I have been blogging for a couple of weeks, I found it to be rather therapeutic. It allows me to say things that I don’t usually share, even with my closest friends and family.

It usually feels like I am talking to no one in particular, which is nice in a certain sense.

Anyways, I am writing this current blog post to make a promise to you, the “void” to blog everyday.

Going from Apple fanboy to hater to fanboy again

When I was kid just going to primary school, I never knew what a computer was, how it worked, or what it could do. My family had a computer at home but it was just a big grey box to me. It just sat on a desk.

However on my first day of school we had time with computers, we had this really great computer lab full of macs, and we had carts full of mac laptops. They looked cool, and you could do a lot with them. Even when being a 6 year old kid, I could appreciate the design and work that went into them. It felt like someone put in a lot of time to just make sure everything was perfect.

So after using them for awhile, I asked my dad if we could get one. I went into full sales pitch mode, and told him about all the cool things that it could do, and how well it was designed. However being new immigrates to Canada, that computer was out of our price range, and he said to just use the one we already had. My dads response was, “Why don’t you use the computer we already have ?”. And that computer was a Comqa running Windows 95. The experience of using that machine made me into an even bigger Apple fan.

As the years passed and I got to high school I still hadn’t owned an apple product, and started to rationalize why I didn’t have an apple product. I chalked it up to the good old Marxist ideas of the “haves” and the “have nots”. I was a “have not”. So my views on Apple changed from a being “Its such a cool company that makes awesome products” to “They make play things for idiots that choose to buy it”

That ideology lasted for a pretty long time, till I started making money. A year after my first internship I had quite a bit cash saved up even after paying for university. So in my second to last year (or what I had thought to be my second to last year), I called my bank, raised my credit limit, and bought a bueatiful 2016 13′ MacBook Pro. And I was a fan again 🙂, to long had I been using a windows machine.

What most people don’t realize is that Apple really cares about two things, build quality, and the little things. That laptop felt like a heavy solid chunk of metal, that just happened to be a laptop. The build quality was insanely good.

When a person pays a crazy sum of money for a fairly basic computer, most people are would say it’s dumb to do so. Others would say maybe he or she is just that rich. Most people equate value with quantity. However in Apples case, it’s build quality, and effort put into places you wouldn’t even think of.

And that right there is what Apple is unapologetically all about.