iOS development Part 1 – Getting Started

I started this adventure when I finally got my first ever iPhone, the 7 Plus. And after a while I just thought I should start making apps for it, however I didn’t know where to start. So I bought a course from Udemy. Before all this, I had fooled around with Xcode and had experience developing Android apps.

Now… Android Studio is a hulk of an application. It big, takes a while to load up, constantly needs updating, or is constantly doing something in the background. And the emulators are even bigger and even clucker then the IDE it’s self. Developing apps on the android platform wasn’t a pleasant experience at all, to say the least. And then there was the fact you needed to use on the most boilerplate infested languages ever … Java 😕

So when I first opened Xcode is shocked and confused. I was just thinking: ” oh my god, this has such a clean and simple layout, I don’t know what 90% of this stuff does but it looks so elegant “. Then when I first pressed the play button, the iOS emulator came up almost instantaneously 😦 <- my reaction.

One think I did realize after playing with it for 20 mins, was that it really wasn’t intuitively designed. As in, you couldn’t instantaneously know where and how to drag a button on to the screen.

This marks the end of the first month. And I am happy with where the course has brought me. More on where I am right now, in part 2.

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