Coin Tracker – Part 1

I wanted to learn about iPhone development cause I had just gotten my first iPhone and Mac. I went out and looked for the best course I could find, and eventually landed on the following course. It was made by the lovely Angela Yu and her endearing British accent.

The course had us making a number of mini projects that taught the basics of iOS development. One of those projects was the bitcointicker. As the name implies it allowed you to look at the price of Bitcoin in a different currency.

While I was nearing the end of the course I decided that I was going to take that mini projects a few steps further, by adding new features such as:

  • Account system
  • Settings
    • Enable Notifications
    • Enable a Dark theme
  • Better UI
  • 3 different Crypto Currencies
  • Notifications

Here is the implemented UI story board:


Can wait to start implementing all the new features.

See you tomorrow 😴

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