The Age of Passion

People these days talk about the future like its some force of nature, out of our control. Like its something that we humans have no effect on.

At the same time people also define our young generation as the “Me” generation. A generation that is overly narcissistic and has little or no empathy for those around us.

With that being said all the greatest advances that the human race has ever made, have come from individuals, not teams, not groups, not societies, but from individuals with passion.

If you compare the life of the middle class person today, to that of one in the 1950s its a day and night difference. The role models we looked up to are different, the world has a whole has changed as well. We as a society were risk adverse in the past, but now it seems like the only way we can make somethings of our selves is by taking risks.

In today’s modern world we have people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Elon Musk. Who risked their future and gave up a good chuck of their youth for what they believed in. These people were not driven by the quest for money, just their passions. We now live in a world were passion is rewarded. Where people know, if they do what they do for the right reasons, they will be rewarded.

We can do things because we want to, and still be just as if not more than successful as those of us who follow a more traditional path in life.

This isn’t the age of space travel, electric cars, and artificial intelligence, but the age where the passionate few, can change the world.

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