Doing What You Want

People usually never really do what they want to do with their lives. And sadly most of the 7 billion people on earth,  never get a choose as to what they will do with their lives.

They either just go with the flow, simply do things because people tell them to, or because everyone else wants to.

Its not about having the billions of dollars, having the incredibly hot partner, or being famous, but about do things through out your life that really satisfies you nature.

If you get satisfied by taking care of other people, become a nurse. If you like building things become a engineer or trades person. If you have fun acting become an actor. Don’t end up wasting half your life becoming a doctor, when you live to go surfing. Open your surf shop, and go surfing everyday !

What most people don’t realize is that every second that passes by is one second closer to your death. And if you spend your days hoping that you can get off of work to go do something you actually like, then your not actually living life.

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