Building a Game

So are you may know, I like to start a lot of new things. As can be seen from my previous posts. And this time I have started a journey into game development. If I told this to a person such as myself, they would ask the following:

  • So what’s the concept ? What type of game will it be ?
  • Got no idea.
  • So what you using to make it ? You making it from scratch ?
  • The answer is, I am going to use Unity. And I would rather get cancer then deal with the complexity of building your own rendering pipe line, and dealing with that much math.
  • What why are you doing this ? You know your not going to make a hit right ? You have soo much competition in both the desktop and mobile market place. Plus your an one man team, you can’t draw to save your life !
  • Yeah I know the odds are more than against me. I am making it cause I like video games. I have always wanted to make them since I first played them. I think most individuals who play video games, want to make them. However they never get around to it, and aren’t willing to take on the time commitment. So this me pursuing a childhood dream.

Plus I just realized that I have spent around 500 dollars Canadian on a number assets on the asset store 🤦‍♂️. So I guess I have to make something with then right ? 😬

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