Systems to Think

Over the past couple of years I always end up finding myself making the same mistakes over and over again. And I have thought about ways to stop myself from ever making those mistakes again. Everyone makes the mistake of not doing the following things, exercising more, eating healthier, getting more sleep, doing more work, connecting with family and friends. This is the holy grail of goals the most normal people should have. Yet most people never even try to do a single thing listed above. I have failed to do the things above time and time again.

And these are the systems that I have devised to stop me from not achieving my goals:

  • Be a robot: Schedule out your time to the hour, and follow it with a religious obsession.
  • Free Flow Everything: Don’t force your self to do anything you don’t want to. Only do things when you want to.
  • Throw away everything that isn’t related to the goals.
  • Accepting things as they come: Make a general plan and adjust for life sends your way.

The hardest thing for me is discipline. Without it your doomed to keep making the same mistakes. What I have learnt is that at the end of the day is that, what ever you do you should do it for yourself before anyone else.

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