Project – Note Taking App

Motivation: I noticed that there was no ride-sharing web app available in Markham, so I decided to make one. However in the process of making one, I found that there was not simple and easy way to organize notes. Yeah there is “Ever Note” or Microsoft’s “Note” but those apps have become bloated with a number of unnecessary features. So thats why I tried to make one myself 😎

Lessons Learned: I realized that the express framework really does offer a lot of flexibility in how one structures their apps. However it can lead to situations where you can get over whelmed by the size of your code base. For example you want to separate your code into different folders, like controllers, models, and routes. If you don’t do this early, your code could turn into a sprawling mess.

GitHub Repo:

Notes: This side project used server side rendering, Express, Passport, Node, Heroku.

Link to it running:

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