Getting a Job as a Developer in the Modern Age

I am gonna just  start making fun of stuff below:

I remember a time when simply listing “Java” as language on your resume, was a sure fire way to land a job … the good old days (1990s). Too bad I wasn’t around during the tech bubble. The days when simply adding “.com” to your company name would shoot up its stock price by 50%.

Now … now its early 2019. A time when no one cares if you can actually make stuff with code. No, people and large corporations realized that there is something much more important. And if you are a developer reading this, you already know what that “something” is. Its writing little programs in front of people you don’t know, to do absolutely nothing useful. Yes that’s right, they don’t actually care if can do the job. They just care if you can find a loop in a linked list, or print out a binary tree in descending order. Cause everyone knows that it is exactly what you need when making your web page, or UI, or implementing  business logic (cause everyone knows that every simple piece of logic needs a tree data structure in there somewhere right ?).

Now I am gonna stop making fun of stuff.

I write to let “people” (who these people are, I will never really know) that I am gonna be  starting a series of set of posts talking about all the stuff, I am currently doing to work for someone else.





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