What Flower – Part 1

You can go here to get an over view, of why I choose to make this app.

“What Flower” uses one of Apple’s newest features for it’s iOS platform, CoreML. CoreML comes in two parts, the actual feature on your phone, and the open source library that is provided by Apple 😮. Yes I know that is really surprising considering how locked down Apple is about their products.

Now the TLDR version of what the CoreML feature is simply a framework that lets you utilize pre trained neutral networks in your iOS apps. That is done by using a widely recognized model format known as “.ml”. Now Apple knows that not everyone is going to have models that come in that format, so they also made a open source python library that converts other model formats into the “.ml” format.

“What Flower” uses a number of different per-trained models that are made to identify different types of flowers. It does this by running a few models and figuring out how which one is most likely to be correct. One of the models it will be running is the “oxford102” that you can find here.

Another feature of this app is that it lets you keep track of the different flowers you have seen, and have yet to see. Turning the process of identifying flowers into a scavenger hunt, or a much simpler version of Pokemon Go. Hmmm… Maybe get badges for each new flower you see ???

Its still in the idea stages and have been doing some UI sketches. Well update you when I have something more concrete.

iOS Development Part 2 – Making simple apps

Making iOS apps is easy and fun. Here are my thoughts:

Swift is a better version of python 🙂

Delegates and protocols are new and interesting ways of accessing the different features of the iOS platform.

Coco Pods are a simple and easy way of adding dependencies to Xcode projects.

Ruby looks like a fun language to learn.

CoreML is easy to use, like the power is insane !!! My apps can see hotdogs !!!

ARkit doesn’t feel real 🤨 . It makes everything a little too easy. I wonder what sort of wizardry they used when making it 🤔


Coin Tracker – Part 1

I wanted to learn about iPhone development cause I had just gotten my first iPhone and Mac. I went out and looked for the best course I could find, and eventually landed on the following course. It was made by the lovely Angela Yu and her endearing British accent.

The course had us making a number of mini projects that taught the basics of iOS development. One of those projects was the bitcointicker. As the name implies it allowed you to look at the price of Bitcoin in a different currency.

While I was nearing the end of the course I decided that I was going to take that mini projects a few steps further, by adding new features such as:

  • Account system
  • Settings
    • Enable Notifications
    • Enable a Dark theme
  • Better UI
  • 3 different Crypto Currencies
  • Notifications

Here is the implemented UI story board:


Can wait to start implementing all the new features.

See you tomorrow 😴