“?” in Angular 5

As you an Angular component has a life cycle, much life us humans. In the beginning we are nothing, we do a bunch in the middle and then we die 🙂 However if you want to call a certain service in your “ngOnInit” to dump some values into a var that appears in your html, your going to have a bad time. Or at least angular is by throwing a lot of errors in your console, I mean it will still work.

To get rid of these errors all you have to do it the following add a “?” at the end of the end of the var that’s in the html, and ta-da errors gone. This works since the “?” tells Angular to chill out there will be a value you there “eventually”. Hmm… but why eventually you may ask ? Its because two functions before “ngOnInit” get called , the very first one being the constructor of the class and the second being the “ngOnChanges” method. So for the execution of the first two methods its asking “WTF where is this thing in the html in the .ts file ?”  which makes throw errors.

Project – The Knight

After taking a long hiatus from Unreal 4, cause I didn’t like blue prints (Unreal 4’s Visual Scripting Language) I preferred real programming (C++) . At which point there started to be a nice long 3 second compile time 😦

I switched to Blue Prints ! I bought my self a course and started going at it every day after work ( well … almost every day … West World doesn’t watch it’s self )  I made the final project in the course, plus some of my own additions (these additions mainly making the game look AAA, and adding UI) .

So this post is dedicated to saying “Hey look I made this cool thing 🙂 ! ” mostly by my self.

Its you basic point and click ARPG that only has one level, and uses alot of the Infinity Blade assets that Epic has given away for free. Here are some screen shots:


UPDATE: 2018-08-18:

I plan on adding a better AI to the game using Unreal’s Behavior Tree

Project – iPhone Door Bell

This is an app I made to integrate into another program that I also made. It uses Firebase to control a Raspberry Pie, such that you could ring a door bell from anywhere on the planet.

Here is a little of what the app looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 1.18.43 AM.png
Here is the story board
Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 1.17.48 AM
Here is the login screen


You can find the repo for the iOS door bell here, the Android door bell here, and the program that runs on the Raspberry pie here.

Project – Bit Coin Tracker App

Here are the links to the progress of this app:

Motivation: This is one of the first iOS apps I have ever made. And I just wanted to make something that was super useful and easy to use. Plus I am starting to learn more about crypto currencies in general.

Notes:  This projected used an external Free API to get the data. Used the following open source libraries: SwiftyJSON, Alamofire, and SVProgressHUD. After making this simple app, I can honestly say that iOS development is a lot easier then Android development 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 8.22.03 AM
What it was before
What is now

Project – Note Taking App

Motivation: I noticed that there are a lot of products out there that, are centered around the organization of notes. The two biggest ones being “Ever Note” or Microsoft’s “One Note” but those apps usually have a paid tier, and have become bloated ( feature overload ). So I thought to myself, why don’t I try to make one myself, that I would actually like to use.

Lessons Learned: I realized that the express framework really does offer a lot of flexibility in how one structures their apps. However it can lead to situations where you can get over whelmed by the size of your code base. For example you want to separate your code into different folders, like controllers, models, and routes. If you don’t do this early, your code could turn into a sprawling mess.

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/RedGhoul/NoteTakingApp

Technologies Used: EJS (server side rendering) , Express,  Passport,  Node,  Heroku, Mongo DB, AWS

Here a link to the project its self: https://murmuring-reef-61170.herokuapp.com 

UPDATE: 2018-08-18

I am planning on making better version of this app using Angular 6, and adding a few more features

What Flower – Part 1

You can go here to get an over view, of why I choose to make this app.

“What Flower” uses one of Apple’s newest features for it’s iOS platform, CoreML. CoreML comes in two parts, the actual feature on your phone, and the open source library that is provided by Apple 😮. Yes I know that is really surprising considering how locked down Apple is about their products.

Now the TLDR version of what the CoreML feature is simply a framework that lets you utilize pre trained neutral networks in your iOS apps. That is done by using a widely recognized model format known as “.ml”. Now Apple knows that not everyone is going to have models that come in that format, so they also made a open source python library that converts other model formats into the “.ml” format.

“What Flower” uses a number of different per-trained models that are made to identify different types of flowers. It does this by running a few models and figuring out how which one is most likely to be correct. One of the models it will be running is the “oxford102” that you can find here.

Another feature of this app is that it lets you keep track of the different flowers you have seen, and have yet to see. Turning the process of identifying flowers into a scavenger hunt, or a much simpler version of Pokemon Go. Hmmm… Maybe get badges for each new flower you see ???

Its still in the idea stages and have been doing some UI sketches. Well update you when I have something more concrete.